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Av. Major Ciraulo, Nº 380, Manaíra
João Pessoa - PB - Brasil
Fone: (83)3247-1962

E-mail: contato@manairahostel.com.br
MSN: manairahostel@hotmail.com

The city


João Pessoa is the third oldest city in Brazil and considered by ONU, the third greenest in the world. This is where the sun rises first, is the eastern most point of the Americas. With tropical climate , average temperature of 26 degrees C and beautiful beaches of blue water along 37 miles of coastline, this city is sunny most of the year. Besides all these advantages, is ranked as one of the capitals with the lowest rate of violence. It is in this little piece of heaven that is the Manaíra Hostel, a nice place and great location, accompanied by a great scenery of beaches, urban parks, historical buildings and museums

Our Apartments

Rooms collective , Couple or family ; all equipped with bunk , cabinets individual with key, fan or air-conditioning


Whether traveling for business or pleasure, we offer a warm hospitality, comfort and the opportunity to enjoy a good breakfast, with various fruits, biscuits, breads, tapioca, cakes and juices

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